About LJ Consultancy

LJ Consultancy is a feminist led venture working towards a world without violence against women and girls. A world where all women’s and girls’ voices and life experiences are centered in the very policies, programmes and research which seek to support them.

Our advocacy, research and training work focuses on three thematic areas:

Women’s and Girls’ Rights

Ending Violence against Women and Girls

Feminist Movement Building and Civil Society activism

We help organisations to develop research, policies and programmes which are reflective of the life experiences of the women and girls they seek to work with, ensuring that women’s and girls’ voices are not only at the core in rhetoric but also in practice throughout and beyond the programme cycle.

Our Staff

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Louise Jenkins

Louise Jenkins is an Independent Consultant in Women’s and Girls’ Rights with over a decade of experience in designing and delivering bespoke and innovative advocacy, research and training projects. Louise holds an MA in Gender, Violence and Conflict from the University of Sussex.

Specialising in consultations on ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) and feminist movement engagement, Louise has a proven track record of building robust relationships with a wide range of donors, partners and stakeholders both nationally (in the UK) and internationally.

Louise passionately believes to end violence against women and girls, to achieve gender equality and create sustainable change we must shift away from the rhetoric towards transformative action, ensuring the voices and life experiences of all women and girls are at the core of the very programmes, research and policies which seek to support them. Feminist movements and civil society activists have the expertise, life experiences and dedication to bring about such change. Therefore, their voices should not be appropriated, silenced and/or erased. Collaboration is key if we are to truly end all forms of violence against women and girls and create gender equality. Women-led spaces and organisations must be at the forefront of this.

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