My Body

My body is amazing.

It holds me up, keeps me warm, cools me down, it even makes me laugh.

My body also has flaws. But they are mine. Mine to discover, mine to critique, if I wish, mine to explore, mine to celebrate…. they are mine, they are NOT yours.

My body is NOT yours.

She is mine.

When my body says no, she is not asking for your permission. She is not opening a discussion, she is telling you no.

My body is not your tool for objectification whether visually, verbally or physically – when my body says no, stop, I don’t like or want that believe my body, respect my body and stop!

Hear me, hear my body, listen to my body. Show respect for my body for she is mine, not yours.

Don’t ask me what I did wrong, what I was wearing, if I had been drinking or heaven forbid…flirting – whatever that even means.

Show me support, ask how I am, ask what I need. Ask me how you can help and ultimately what I want. Hear me, listen to me and believe me.

Believe me.

Respect me.

Respect my body for she is mine and I am me.


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About the Author:

Louise Jenkins is a Women's and Girls' Rights Independent Consultant with over a decade of experience designing and delivering bespoke and innovative training and advocacy projects. Specialising in consultations on ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) and feminist movement engagement, Louise has a proven track record of building robust relationships with a wide range of donors, partners and stakeholders both nationally (in the UK) and internationally.. Visit LJ Consultancy