My Body

My body is amazing. It holds me up, keeps me warm, cools me down, it even makes me laugh. My body also has flaws. But they are mine. Mine to discover, mine to critique, if I wish, mine to explore, mine to celebrate…. they are mine, they are NOT yours. My body is NOT [...]

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Time for the UK to #ChangeHerStory and ratify the Istanbul Convention!

On the 16th December 2016, 135 MPs showed up to the second reading of the Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (Ratification of Convention) Bill, which calls on the UK Government to ratify the Istanbul Convention. Despite misogynistic Philip Davies’ attempt to block the Bill with his shameful filibustering, the Bill [...]

Inspired by Her

Last week I had the honour of speaking alongside an inspiring panel of fellow feminists in front a wonderfully engaging audience as part of Progressio’s International Women’s Day celebrations. The event was organised by the fab members of Progressio’s Empower Network – a group of youth volunteers who campaign on a variety of development issues. [...]