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Where has the time gone? – 12 months of freelancing

Well it is official I have now been freelancing for just over a year and what a year it has been. Since returning from Tanzania where I spent two amazing years working with women’s rights organisations I have been working hard to build up a portfolio and learn new skills in order to develop and expand on the work I can deliver. The decision to go freelance wasn’t something I took lightly, in fact it was actually my longer term plan to eventually go freelance perhaps in a few years from now however, in that typical ‘everything happens for a reason’ style I became a freelancer a lot sooner. So what have a learnt in this past year….
Well, the first few months was certainly a ‘challenge’ shall we say, adjusting to ‘being my own boss’ and working out how and where do I even start? I made a concerted effort to attend meetings, events and trainings in a bid to increase my networking skills and get to know colleagues in the field. Before I knew it I already had my first couple of clients and from there word spread and other opportunities were coming through. This past year has certainly not been a breeze, I have learnt it takes dedication, commitment and a lot of time to ensure you have the work coming in and there can be ‘dry spells’ however I am also learning that this is OK and to reign in the self –doubt I can get when things don’t feel like they aren’t working.
With the growth of my portfolio came the idea to develop a web site in order to help promote the services I offer as well as showcase my existing work and the amazing clients I have had the pleasure of partnering with. This has been an interesting journey over the past 12 months and I am excited to see where the next 12 months can take me, thank you so much to all the clients I have been fortunate enough to work with, friends and family who have all supported this journey and to new contacts and potential clients, welcome, I look forward to partnering together soon!

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Louise Jenkins is a Women's and Girls' Rights Independent Consultant with over a decade of experience designing and delivering bespoke and innovative training and advocacy projects. Specialising in consultations on ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) and feminist movement engagement, Louise has a proven track record of building robust relationships with a wide range of donors, partners and stakeholders both nationally (in the UK) and internationally.. Visit LJ Consultancy